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la-medeleine-anduze-pottery-james-anthony.jpgLa Madeleine Anduze Pottery | The History of French Anduze Pottery - DISCONTINUED

The French Anduze pottery dates back to the early 1700’s and originated in the Cevennes region of France.

Inspiration in the Medici style. 

According to legend, in 1610 at the fair of Beaucaire cévenol a potter finds inspiration after seeing pottery in the Medici style. On his return, captivated by the elegance of a Medici vase, he drew his inspiration from its general shape to create the first French Anduze Vase. The result turned out to be a harmonious combination of Italian exuberance and Cevenol austerity on a stocky bodied planter, embellished by garlands and “stamped” clay badges showing the potter’s name; since then, the French Anduze planter has acquired its worldwide French gardens ornament reputation. 

Originally designed to plant orange and lemon trees, these large, glazed planters were displayed in gardens and orange groves to ornate Southern aristocratic properties in the past; it is the case around the world today. 

La Poterie de la Madeleine | La Madeleine Anduze Pottery

Today, La Poterie de la Madeleine is a small family owned and operated manufacturer of French Anduze pottery. Outstanding quality, passion, know-how and a respect for authenticity have allowed La Poterie de la Madeleine to become a name synonymous with French Anduze pottery. Today, the famous coat of arms bearing the image of the Madeleine constitutes a respected point of reference the world over. 

If you have any questions in regards to purchasing, price, colors, etc. or a just general question please do not hesitate to ask. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on French Anduze pottery by La Poterie de la Madeleine.