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Posted by James Anthony on

Antique Balcony Rails

Re-Purposed As

Console Tables

These are a pair of 18th century balcony rails from a Château in France that was being razed. When I was first presented with these I immediately thought they would make a GREAT pair of Antique Console Tables. So, I purchased them with the idea of re-purposing them into console tables.

The dimensions of the balcony rails are ~72" W x 36.5" H x 18.5" D and weigh approx 300+ lbs each, Balcony rails ~200lbs+ ea. & marble tables tops ~110lbs+ each . They are made of solid iron with solid brass decorative accents. 

Below are images of the balcony rails in the condition I received them, the selection of the marble slab, fabrication of the table tops and the final product.

I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions or would like to just leave a comment it would be appreciated.

One of a pair

Second of the pair

Slab Selection - Notice the rust and blacks, which will compliment the rust & black the balcony rails nicely

The slab with the area to be fabricated taped off. Again notice the black and rust.

On the table ready to be cut.

Cutting almost complete.

Marble slab being separated.

Marble slab separated. The two table tops are cut. The side of the slabs that are facing the center are the backs of the tables. When we put these together, back to back as a buffet table when we entertain, the two line up and it look like one table top. 

Getting ready to start fabricating bull-nose & table top. This is the underside of the slab. Not the table top.

Getting ready to fabricate the bull-nose & table top. This is the underside of the slab. Not the table top.

Prepping the underside of the slab for the bull-nose. The slab for the second table is seen in the foreground.

Prepping for bull-nose complete.

Prepping the bull-nose itself. This is still the underside of the table.

Bull-nose prepping is complete. The marble is now being cleaned and prepped for the attachment of bull-nose pieces.

Getting ready to attach the bull-nose.

Bull-nose being clamped.

Bull-nose clamping complete.

Bull-nose is set and clamps are removed.

Bull-nose starting to be formed.

Bull-nose starting to take shape.

Bull-nose is look good. Now for the bad news. I was on site at a job and was not able to be in the shop to document the finishing of the fabrication. The next images are of the completed tables.

Antique balcony rails with marble tops finished.

Antique balcony rails with marble top.

Antique balcony rail showing marble top.

Antique balcony rail with marble table top. 

Antique balcony rail with close-up of marble table top.

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