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Mother's Day Gift Ideas | James Anthony Collection

Mom's are very special people who we sometimes forget to tell how much we appreciate. Mother's Day is a perfect opportunity to show them you care and understand the sacrifices they've made for us.

Any of these ideas would make any Mom happy!

Experienced Mothers

Oprah's O-List for 2017 Hillhouse Naturals | James Anthony Collection

Have you given your Mom flowers and a card for the past umpteen years? Running out of fresh new ideas to make her feel special?

We are recommending Hillhouse Naturals with a fresh look this season with new scents that will bring the spring and summer into the home.

These fragrances are available in different sizes and varieties:

Hillhouse Naturals offers choices of a Handwoven 2-wick Candle, a Handwoven 3-wick Candle, and a plain 2-wick Candle in scents including Cut Grass, and Peony Blush. These are part of Oprah's O-List for 2017, we have them in stock and ready to ship!

New Mothers

Thymes Bath & Body | James Anthony Collection

Sometimes new Mom's don't think of what they have given up and are often too busy to remember to take care of themselves. Give them a gift from James Anthony Collection Fragrance Gift Sets. Most include a luxurious candle and spa items which are all infused with the richest scents. This will remind them that they are still women and still need to take time for themselves.

Thymes has a new bath & body lineup for Spring, which is just perfect for Mom. Each set includes body lotion, body wash, bath salts, and cologne. These sets are available in Aqua Coralline, Eucalyptus, Lotus Santal, and Lavender.

Luxury on a Budget

Aquiesse | James Anthony Collection

Sometimes you need more options to get through a gifting season, you can pair some of our small items with a nice homemade card to make a special gift she will remember forever, even on a tight budget.

James Anthony Collection carries a special group of products that we use and love. One of my favorite is Boardwalk in the Aquiesse Portfolio collection. I am sure any Mom would love to relax with any of these fragrances while reading a book, taking a bath, or just taking a well deserved rest!

Available as a votive candles and small boxed candle in Boardwalk, French Oak Currant, Lux Linen, and Moonlit Petals.

For the Mom Gourmand

Ancient Olive Trees | James Anthony Collection

When Mom is more interested in celebrating than some personal R&R there is a broad spectrum of gifts that go with any of her favorite wine selections. Some great options include Ancient Olive Trees products, wine totes, and wine purses.

Ancient Olive trees offer the highest quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar's. These make the best dressings and accents to delicious bites. The dirty martini mix is great on its own or for that 5 o'clock drink.

Wine purses are a great way to package Mom's wine gift, and she can use it over and over again!

Wine totes are available in several colors and configurations and will make sharing and party going more fun through the summer season.

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