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Made in the USA | James Anthony Collection

Made in the USA

Buy American | Are you Sure

Although people use the term "Buy American" to help U.S. businesses, to help provide and save jobs and to promote the U.S. economy, "Buy American" can also refer to purchasing products that are manufactured in any country in North or South America, not just the United States. Any manufacture in either North or South American can say or identify their products as "American Made." In fact a company in the United States who has their products manufactured in Mexico can say their products were "Made in America" because it was. Mexico is part of North America and thus "Made in America" can be used.

Made in the USA | You Can Be Sure

Made in the USA provides assurance that the products you are purchasing are "Made in the USA" and not in any other country. It also ensures that you are support U.S. business, their employees and re-investing in the U.S. economy by keep and/or adding U.S. jobs.

Made in the USA | The Brands

At James Anthony Collection I have put a lot of thought into the brands that are carried in my store. Below is the decision making process that my team and I go through in selecting a brand to carry.

  1. Is it a brand that I use myself in my home or design projects. That's the first step. I like to actually use the products to make sure it meets my standard of quality and that the price truly reflects the quality of the products before offering them in my store.
  2. Next, after the decision is made to carry a brand, I look in depth at the brand. Is the company U.S. based, what products in their line are "Made in the USA". Is the company reputable, are their products of the HIGHEST quality and are they exceptionally designed with the best materials available.

Below is a list of brands carried in my store that are "Made in the USA". This list is just a beginning and is not definitive of the brands carried that are Made in the USA. There are some brands that I carry which have products that are made both in the USA and in other countries. Eventually the products of those brands that are "Made in the USA" will be added.



Ancient Olive Trees Ancient Olive Trees brings you the finest gourmet California olive oil from their lush Northern California olive tree orchards. Rich tree-to-table flavor and 100% California grown, pressed & bottled. Made in Belvedere Tiburon, CA
Antica Farmacista Antica Farmacista captures old-world charm, sophistication and exceptional quality with unique scents for the home. Made in Seattle, WA
Aquiesse Innovative, classic & timeless home fragrance brand, coveted around the world for exceptional quality & unparalleled value. Made in Simi Valley, California
Hillhouse Naturals  Hillhouse Naturals started on a family farm in 1986 and till this remains inspired by the bounty of beautiful flowers, fruit and fragrances on the farm. Made in Wickliffe, KY
LAFCO New York LAFCO New York: Luxury home fragrance and body care that refines and innovates classical approaches to personal care and the art of home perfumery. Made in New York
Thymes Curated intoxicating fragrances. Made in Minneapolis, MN

 At James Anthony Collection I try to source from small U.S. business whose products are entirely manufactured in the U.S. as much as possible, but I know that that is not always possible for one reason or another.

Not Made in the USA | Imported Brands

As much as I try to offer "Made in the USA" brands there are some brands, that I do offer, that are not made in the USA. These brands have been selected based on somewhat different set of criteria than we base our "Made in the USA" brands. All our import brands are used by me in my home and they still must meet his standard of quality and the price must truly reflect the products quality before they are offered on my site.

Once they have met my standard of quality, the company is then researched to make sure the brands are authentic and that our customer is getting the BEST quality product from the brands we import. These are brands that are unique, one of a kind or have an origination abroad.

Some of the imported brands that meet the above requirements are La Poterie De La Madeleine and Coutellerie Nontronnaise to name a few. These brands are very in unique design, are one of a kind whose history goes back thousands of years and whose quality is superior. Both these brands originated in France hundreds of years ago and represent hand made products that are unique to the respective companies.

Shopping James Anthony Collection

When you purchase products from my store, whether they are "Made in the USA" or are imported, you are still supporting the U.S. economy. James Anthony Collection directly and indirectly employees 100's of people in the U.S. For example, our website is designed and coded in Orange County CA, it's is hosted in the Silicon Valley, our website support is outsourced to a company in the Silicon Valley whose employees are all based in the United States and our payment processing is designed, coded and managed by a company based in Utah and whose support employees are all based in the United States.

Your purchases also supports all the various sales reps and their companies whose lines we carry, it supports the employees of R+L Carriers, FedEx, UPS and USPS who handle all our shipping, it supports our employees by providing jobs which in turn allows those employees to re-invest in their local communities by shopping, dinning out and donating to local food banks, charities & non-profit organizations.

When you shop James Anthony Collection you are doing your part to support "Made in the USA" by directly investing money in the U.S. economy and for that I Thank You!


James Anthony

James Anthony Collection

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